Specialist Printing

We have a full range of litho, digital and screen printing equipment, but we also offer all the finishing services you’d expect of a one stop shop print. And we do it all in-house, which allows us to retain control of quality, turn things around extra quick when need be, and keep your costs as low as possible.

As well as in-line sealing, creasing and perforating, we can cut, stitch and fold.

We can provide confidential finishing services. And we can offer saddle stitching, hot foil, embossing, promotional material printing, heat & reveal thermal printing, re-moist gumming etc.

Trade finishing services

Such is our expertise in these areas that we regularly provide finishing services to the trade. We also offer a full range of ‘bureau’ finishing services for digital print including cutting/trimming, in-line booklet maker, laminating and wire-binding.

In-house means no mark-up

By managing our print finishing in-house, we’re able to maintain the same quality control as we do over our litho, digital and screen printing services; we’re able to ensure that every stage of the production process – from studio to print to finishing – links seamlessly into the next; and we’re able to keep costs and deadlines as keen and competitive as possible.

As well as building up tons of expertise in our specialist print services, we’ve also made significant investment in the specialist print equipment needed to deliver on our promises.


Folding is a central part of the print process in terms of both preparing materials for further finishing such as collating or binding, or finishing the product to its final size.

Heat Sensitive Printing

Heat and reveal printing – also known as heat sensitive printing – uses thermochromic inks to create an effect that we’re all familiar with: the revealing of previously unseen graphics when heat is applied.

Remoist Gumming

Re-moist gumming is a specialized type of gluing where adhesive gum is applied to an area of the sheet of paper to allow subsequent sealing by the end-user.

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