Book Binding

Turnkey PrintWorld has the equipment to provide a number of binding options – from budget to exclusive. Depending on your requirements, we would advise you on the best binding for your book, booklet, presentation folder or brochure. Your book cover creates the first impression of your book. Make it a good one! We offer ring binding, comb binding, thermal binding, saddle-stitch binding and perfect binding options to match your requirements.

Comb, wire and coil binding uses many small plastic teeth that close around small holes and hold the paper together, with a piece of metal threaded through the holes. This provides a semi-permanent binding solution.

Thermal binding is used when large documents need permanent binding. Using extreme heat, a heavy strip of cloth is affixed to the edge of the paper.

Thermal binding provides a very clean look and feel and allows the open book to lay flat. Smaller books with paper folded in half are bound by saddle stitching or stapling that holds several sheets together.

Saddle-stitch binding gives a professional and sleek look to your document, is very cost effective. It is used for catalogues, presentations, manuals, booklets, catalogs, reports and proposals and gives the appearance of a booklet.

Perfect binding is good for large books like telephone directories or novels with several pages. After an outer cover is placed around the pages of the book, the pages are attached to the cover by an adhesive. Perfect binding gives a neat and clean appearance.

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